Wideangle lenses can create stunning images when you are including objects in the foreground. But as long as you don't work with a tiltable lens, you have to deal with the narrow depth of field. Stacking your shots in e.g. Photoshop is a common technique and often the tool "Auto-blend layers" helps you a lot.

Nevertheless, I wasn't happy at all with the results and developed my own workflow. I'm a lazy and sometimes impatient guy. So my workflow has to be accurate but fast as well.

Lets start...

...by selecting all shots in Adobe Lightroom.

Open the images in Photoshop using "Open in ... Photoshop as Layers". Then select all layers and choose "Auto-align layers". You probably know this already.

Now we bring the shots in a specific order. The first shot in my layers box is the one with focus on the closest distance. The last one is the one focussed on infinity.

Now we can blend the shots. Therefore I deselect every layer except the first one and create a mask.

As you can see, everything except the foreground is blury. All those parts have to be painted black within the mask. I'm often using the gradient tool for the first step and after that continue by using the brush.

As you can see, every part of the image that is excluded by the mask, is now transparent.

Now I select the next layer, create a mask and finetune the transition between both layers. Zoom in to 100% and use the brush with a small size (around 100px or less).

Now continue with deselecting the blury parts of the second layer.

You can repeat this procedure for each layer until you're done.

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